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Brits Splashing Out On Home Improvements


All homeowners want to have nice bathrooms. There is nothing better than stepping into a refreshing shower in the morning or soaking in the tub in plush surroundings. These days, there are plenty of superb products for consumers to choose from. Whether people want contemporary bathroom suites or more traditional items, they can simply head online to find what they are after.

It seems as though demand for these products may be high among Brits. According to research conducted by house builder Avant Homes, UK consumers are splashing out on property renovations.

A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of the firm suggested that three-quarters of British homeowners have made improvements to their current abodes in a bid to create their perfect houses and flats, What Mortgage reports.

Meanwhile, people are not afraid to spend big when they are engaging in these projects. The survey revealed that the average cost of home improvements is £13,000. Meanwhile, consumers aged 55 and over have even bigger budgets for these alterations. Among this age demographic, the average spend was £15,000.

Avant Homes also revealed that geographical location affects average spend on home improvements. Whereas this figure was £20,683 in London, similar projects in Wales came in at £7,885.

The age group most likely to take on home improvements were the 35 to 44-year-olds. Nearly eight in ten of these respondents (79 per cent) had engaged in projects to enhance their residences.

When it comes to people’s motivations for making changes to their properties, the most popular reason was to create the home owners want. Nearly half (49 per cent) of projects were started with this goal in mind. Meanwhile, 24 per cent of respondents wanted to add to the value of their properties, while 23 per cent were keen to increase their available living space.

Responding to the findings, Avant Homes marketing director Rob Slocombe said: “The housing market conditions of the last few years has meant that many homeowners have not had the necessary deposit to secure a mortgage and so therefore have opted to stay in their current property and make improvements to it until they can afford to move.

“This research reveals the considerable investment that is required for such improvements and tells us a lot about what today’s buyers are looking for in a home to make it suitable for their current lifestyle needs.”

Regardless of the budgets they have to play with, consumers can achieve impressive results by engaging in home improvements. For example, it is possible to source superb value modern bathroom suites over the web. As long as they find the right supplier, people can access all the items they want within a matter of moments.

Meanwhile, purchasing a modern bathroom suite can be considered a savvy investment. If and when people come to sell their properties, they stand to achieve higher asking prices if their bathrooms wow potential buyers. Many house hunters focus on particular areas within the homes they view, and bathrooms tend to be high on this list. Visit Rough Draft to learn how upgrading your bathroom can increase property value and attract potential buyers.

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