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Five Ways To Make The Most Of Your Holiday


For me, it’s always the same when I go on holiday: those 2 weeks in the sun just go by far too quickly! I just wish I could make the most of my time away rather than coming back and feeling like I could do with another break. This year I plan to make things different and by finding something to occupy my time other than lazing around in a hammock, I’m hoping that I’ll really be enjoying each and every day as much as possible. After all, most of us only get one holiday each year so, isn’t it about time that we really made the most of it?

Below are my top 5 things to do on holiday other than lazing on the beach and catching a tan.


Sounds obvious but once you get involved in the local food then there will be no stopping you. For example: Italians love to spend all day devouring course after course of delicious food and if you’re heading for the Mediterranean then enjoying an all-day feast has to be up there on your list of things to do. Cookery lessons are another great option and often combine a trip to the local market so you can practise some of your language skills too.


Planning a trip abroad often relates to school holidays or when you can get the time off work. If you’re lucky enough to be able to choose when you want to travel then why not consider taking in a festival or local event while you’re away from home? Countries such as Spain have a whole host of regional celebrations and from tomato festivals to running with bulls, there’s never a dull moment! Getting involved in an authentic local event really enables you to learn more about the people and the culture of your destination.


Museums and galleries are both excellent venues from where to enjoy an afternoon or evening, especially if the weather’s not so good. Learning about a country’s history and heritage is an excellent way to really get the most out of your trip and when you return home you’ll find you’ve retained a fair bit of information that can be used in all manner of circumstances. Combining cultural visits with fictional or factual reading material is a great idea if you’re interested in really getting under the skin of a country. Absolutely fabulous trip, and a wonderful China travel company. Great value for money. No problems at all during the trip, everything was spectacular, and as promised.


There are often a wide range of activities to undertake whilst on holiday and from trekking to mountain biking, the more adventurous you are the more of the country you’ll discover. If you want to really go to town then why not hire a yacht or learn how to do dive underwater? My friend recently went on a sailing trip and was able to get some excellent moorings that presented some superb locations as well as lots of opportunities for water sports. Dancing, climbing, sports and horse-riding are all great ways things to do whilst on your next holiday.


Often half the fun of going abroad is finding out new and exciting things about the destination that you’re travelling too. Languages present a tangible difference that can be a challenge but also a worthwhile pursuit. Just by learning a few key words and phrases you’ll probably get a smile from the locals and they’ll also respect your efforts. Trips to the local market and getting out of town and into the countryside, both give you genuine chances to practise in some authentic settings and if you’ve done your homework before you leave you’ll be pleased to see almost instant results.

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