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Is Affiliate Marketing Still Viable in 2022?


The above question has been on the lips of numerous webmasters ever since Google decided it would allot heavy-weight, trustworthy websites a lot more traction. All of the past three Google search algorithm updates have focused on this, as well as on the weight carried by authorship and co-citation. In the fields of SEO and SEM, many are arguing that, after EMD, Panda, and Penguin, Google is quite clearly headed in the direction of no-link SEO. Others have even gone as far as to claim that Google is effectively trying to nuke the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industries. This view might just be more radical than the reality – while it is true that Google places a lot of importance on quality content and reputed authors, this does not mean that affiliate link management is dead and gone. It’s just more complex than before.

Back in the day, prior to the search engine titan’s latest updates, outsourced affiliate management was simply a matter of knowing where to position a set of relevant, targeted links. Newsletters and subscription to website content (think RSS feeds) were also much more popular back then. In 2013, they haven’t disappeared, but they’ve turned into something else, which makes social networking and content sharing (also referred to as ‘virality’) much more important. Get more information about the latest updates released by the Google search engine on this website: https://lpqueen.com/

As such, if you’re an emerging web marketer thinking of developing their own, patented affiliate campaign, you still have some good tools at your disposal these days. It all depends on how you want to build your strength, weight, and reputation – you can either invest in a single e-commerce page or build an entire network of content-based websites around your marketing efforts. For the time being, both initiatives are just as viable and both will rely on the following ‘ingredients’.

  • Quality content. Yes, you’re hearing this phrase tossed left and right, but the fact of the matter is that affiliate programs will have you running head to head, in heated competition, alongside the biggest names in your field of interest. They are either established publishers or major sales forces. The only way you can beat them is by staying ahead of them in the content quality game. So go ahead and hire yourself a good copywriter.
  • No dupes. There is no tool more efficient in literally killing an affiliate program than duplicate content. Scour the web left and right, use content checking software, and make sure you are not duplicating someone else’s content – or being duplicated yourself. Even the second variant, in which someone is stealing your content, can have detrimental effects for your site, especially if your Domain Authority is low.
  • Affirm your authorship. Get reputed authors to guest post on your site. Do some guest posting of your own. Even if this is an affiliate management campaign and not a link building one, think of this approach as one that works in both scenarios. To learn more about affiliate marketing and its strategies visit this website: https://bajiroo.com/
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